Factories : Baseafood-DL 484; Baseafood-HK173 ; Baseafood-HK242; Baseafood HOCHIMINH BRANCH


  • Volume purchasing resulting in competitive pricing on our own key products, such as: Shrimp, Seafish, Cephalopods.
  • The provision of correct seasonal supply info to buyers for their various top prioritized products.
  • Close, strong relationships with other Vietnamese premier processors, to fulfill customer’s need for a diversified range of products.
  • The organisation and consolidation of various finished products from different regions in Vietnam into single shipments , saving buyers sourcing time plus avoidance of potential overstocking.


  1. EU code : DL484          2. HK242          3. BRC            4. IFS          5. ISO 22000:2018   6. FDA number: 17599604014     7. HACCP CODEX